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       Richmore enterprise was founded in 2006,and the total asset size of approximately RMB 1 billion. It is a national large-scale raw material logistics operator with 12 wholly-owned and controlled subsidiaries. The logistics business covers the whole country and many parts of the world.The main business scope includes: bulk chemical products (sulphuric acid, phosphoric acid, liquid alkali, fluorosilicic acid and other 8 types of corrosive products), non-ferrous metals, sulfur, fertilizer, import and export trade and 8 types of corrosive goods road transportation business, general cargo transportation. After more than ten years of construction and development, the company's employees have grown from more than 40 people to more than 700 people, owning more than 500 vehicles owned by the dangerous transportation, owning more than 70 other vehicles, owning one utility model patent and 15 software copyrights. The company has now formed a modern new integrated system integrating bulk logistics (road dangerous goods transportation, road general cargo transportation), hazardous chemicals storage, bulk chemical raw materials trade and import and export trade, large dangerous goods parking lot and repair shop, gas station, etc. 4A level logistics company. Formed with Guizhou Fuquan Phosphorus as the core, Guangxi Jinchengjiang, Nanning, Fangchenggang, Fusui, Sichuan Dazhou, Hunan, Fujian, Yunnan, Shaanxi Xi'an, Guangzhou, Gansu and other regions and cities for business development base.With the business-oriented logistics transportation mode, the company has become a pioneer in the new era of China's logistics industry, focusing on the production elements supporting services of production enterprises. It uses the valuable experience accumulated in the logistics industry to combine modern big data management to create domestic logistics. The “model enterprise” of the industry provides honest, efficient, convenient and intelligent production-oriented supporting services for large-scale parks such as industrial parks, building materials markets and vehicle logistics parks in various regions, creating support capabilities for upgrading production requirements of the park and boosting competition for enterprises. Strength growth.The company focuses on commodity logistics, adheres to the road of integration of big data and big logistics, and is committed to building a new logistics model based on ecological environment. Through the development and application of big data, it actively transforms logistics experience into core technology and tools to create The most influential expert in the overall solution of bulk raw material logistics.Richmore company will adhere to the business philosophy of “integrity, efficiency and service”. While creating value for customers and employees, it will also actively fulfill its social responsibilities and actively participate in social welfare activities. Facing the future, the company will unswervingly follow the new road under the guidance of the scientific development concept, focusing on the three-standard management of “standardization, data and intelligence”, and strengthen the “three major sectors” of trade, logistics and service industries. Adjust and optimize the industrial structure, change the development mode, promote the company's transformation from scale growth to value growth, turn resource advantages into economic advantages, and strive to become an important force in the industry.







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